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150 Weiss Road
Ste. 102
Cottleville, MO 63376

ph. 636.447.2083

Form for Patients with Temporomandibular Disorder

Request an appointment
Have you ever been treated for a TMD problem before?
Please mark each symptom that applies
Head and Facial Pain
While sleeping, does your child...
Migraine type headache
Cluster headaches
Sinus headaches
Headaches in back of head
Hair and/or scalp painful to touch
Jaw Joint Problems
Joint clicking or popping
Grating noises
Jaw locks open
Limited jaw opening
Jaw does not open smoothly
Soreness of jaw joints
Soreness of face muscles
Teeth Problems
Teeth grinding
Teeth clenching
Soreness of one or more teeth
Looseness of one or more teeth
Ear or Balance Problems
Pain in ear
Ringing in ear
Clogged or stuffy ears
Diminished hearing
Dizziness or vertigo
Poor sense of balance
Throat Problems
Swallowing difficulty
Throat tightness
Throat soreness
Voice fluctuations
Throat congestion
Frequent cough
Frequesnt throat clearing
Excessive salivation
Tongue pain
Pain in roof of mouth
Neck and/or Shoulder Pain
Neck/shoulder/back pain
Neck/shoulder/back reduced mobility
Frequent neck muscle fatigue
Arm or finger tingling, numbness, pain
Eye Problems
Pain around or behind eyes
Bloodshot eyes
Blurred vision
Pressure behind eyes
Light sensitivity
Watering of eyes
Drooping of eyelids


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