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150 Weiss Road
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Cottleville, MO 63376

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Pediatric Airway and Sleep Questionnaire

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While sleeping, does your child...
have trouble breathing or struggle to breath?
stop breathing during the night?
have 'heavy' or loud breathing?
snore regulary?
snore more than half the time? appear to be a restless sleeper? child kick during sleep?
have nightmares?
scream in their sleep?
grind their teeth during sleep? sleepwalk?
occasionally wet the bed?
Upon awakening, does your child...
have a dry mouth in the morning?
tend to breathe through the mouth during the day?
wake up feeling un-refreshed in the morning?
have a problem with sleepiness during the day?
have trouble getting going in the morning?
wake up with headaches in the morning?
Have you noticed that your child...
does not seem to listen when spoken to directly?
has difficulty organizing tasks?
is easily distracted by extraneous stimuli?
fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seat?
interrupts or intrudes on others (e.g. butts into conversations or games)?
has a teacher or other supervisor comment that your child appears sleepy during the day?
has been diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or another learning disability?
did your child stop growing at a normal rate at any time since birth?
is your child overweight?
does your child have tired eyes/dark circles under the eyes?
does your child have flat cheeks?
does your child have excess gum tissue?
does your child's teeth seem crooked or misaligned?
does your child have allergies?
does your child have frequent colds?
does your child have trouble breathing through the nose?
does your child have difficulty with pronunciation or other speech problems?


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patient rewards

Join Bauer Orthodontics Patient Rewards Program and discover how much fun it can be to collect points to use towards great prizes! It’s our way of saying thank you for trusting us with something as important as your smile. We offer many ways to earn points, from maintaining great oral hygiene and taking care of your braces to keeping up good grades in the classroom.

You can even earn points for participating in our great office contests! And when it comes to redeeming your rewards, we think we’ve got something great for everyone. Visit Bauer Orthodontics Reward Page to get started earning lots of points!

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about dr. bauer

Matthew J. Bauer, DMD, MS is an orthodontic specialist, providing the most advanced orthodontic treatment in St. Charles County.

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the right age

Our treatment philosophy centers around insuring that your child's orthodontic care is timed appropriately for their individual needs

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your first vist

On your first visit, we will provide you with an introduction to our office and discuss your orthodontic concerns and goals.

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We strive to provide a light,fun, warm and welcoming environment. Take a tour of our Cottleville office before you stop by!

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